Safar The journey

a film by Talheh Daryanavard
Length 56'
Format Beta Digital
Language Perse
Subtitles Fr, En



Amina, Fatoma and Asma are three friends from small and distant islands of the Persian Golf, right south of Iran. They managed to go to university in Teheran from where they take a train that will bring them back to their native village. The movie Safar follows them along the ride, in the intimacy of a compartment. As the hours go by, this ordinary journey, without specific geographical markers, turns into an introspection during which the girls recount their paths and analyse them with bewildering lucidity. As the landscapes pass behind the window, three lifepaths made of dreams and desires as well as hesitation and doubts are unveilded.

Bouton Trailer Trailer
Bouton DVD DVD

Cinema – 24 february 2011 20:00 – Petit Théâtre Marcelis
TV – 1 august 2010 18:00 – Tele Bruxelles
Cinema – 9 january 2010 – Bozar – Brussels


Director Talheh Daryanavard
Editor Virginie Surdej
Sound Vahid Hajlouy
Editing Deborah Benarosch, France Duez
Sound editing Olivier Vanderaa


Production: Iota Production
Coproduction: Centre du cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique et de télédistributeurs Wallons, le Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles – CBA, l’Atelier de Production du GSARA, Need Productions.
Ventes: Doc and Film international


Le Festival international du film francophone 2010
Festival national du film d’éducation 2010
Corsica.Doc – Festival international du documentaire 2010
Young audience prize – Special mention
Festival “Les Hivernales du Documentaire” à Montricoux 2010
Millenium International Documentary Film Festival – Brussels – 2011
Filmer à tout prix, Brussels, 2011
Selected for First Works category Scam Award

Middle East – What can cinema do?, Paris, 2011
Jean Rouch ethnographic film festival, Paris, 2011

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