If I were… Japanese

a film by Laurence Bibot & Marka
Length 52'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr, Ja
Subtitles Fr, En



During our last trip to Japan, in our hotel room on the 30th floor, I asked Marka:
Honey, we should make a film to share our love for Japan and Tokyo. What do you say?
And he answered:
Ok, what about a documentary in which we would be Japanese?

For 48 hours Laurence Bibot and Marka will eat, laugh, work, dance, thus live... as Japanese people. Banzaï!


TV – 4 january 2013 23:25 – la Deux
TV – 14 october 2010 20:45 – Be 1


Director and screenplay Laurence Bibot
Director, screenplay, editing and music Marka
Editor Didier Degen
editing image Gérard de Boussu
Mixing Jean-François Gosselin


Production: Iota Production, Patapouf Production
Coproduction: RTBF, BeTV, Crescentia

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