Max’s clay

a film by Eric de Moffarts
Length 52'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr



This film portrays the life of the Belgian ceramist, Max Van der Linden (1922-1999). We discover his unique approach of art through his account and that of his friends and relatives, through archives, photographs, and through his work. Max lived among the villagers around him, but met people from all origins as well as many painters, sculptors, musicians... These experiences permeate his ceramics. His work depicts man's struggle, loneliness and friendship... Amazing mixes of traditions and modernism, his ceramics are filled with the noise of our history and life and bring reassuring peace and harmony.

Bouton DVD DVD

Director, screenplay and editor Eric de Moffarts
Editor Patrick Montjoie, Laurence Vincent
Editing Joachim Thome, Rachel Lamisse
Sound editing, mixing and music Luc Henrion


Production: Iota Production, Solaris 5
Coproduction: la Province du Brabant et de la commune de Beauvechain.

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