Iota Distribution was created in 2012, emerging from the desire that films produced by Iota Production be seen and circulated in cinemas and other distribution networks.

This initiative began after the cinema release of She’s Not Crying, She’s Singing by Philippe Pierpont, the first feature produced by Iota Production, which also managed its distribution.

Since then, Iota has distributed:

2012 – Tea or Electricity, a documentary feature by Jérôme le Maire
2013 – The Song of Flower, a documentary feature by Jacques Dochamps
2016 – We Are Alive, a documentary feature by de Carmen Castillo
2017 – Rebellious Girl, a fiction feature by Jawad Rhalib
2018 – MA’OHI NUI, In the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies, a documentary feature by Annick Ghijzeling.
2020 – Oleg, a fiction feature by Juris Kursietis
2020 – Into dad’s woods, a fiction feature by Vero Cratzborn

Iota Distribution manages the release of films in arthouse cinemas in Belgium, as well as in cultural centers, and organizes projections with debates for associations. School projections are also offered, accompanied by an educational file.

Contact: distribution@iotaproduction.com

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