Manou Gallo A rhythm woman

un film de Jean-Philippe Martin
Length 52'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr
Subtitles En



Bassist, guitarist, percussionist, dancer, singer and songwriter; the fairy godmother has obviously really been looking after Manou Gallo from the cradle and never left her since she moved to Europe from Ivory Coast.
Manous Gallo mixes her African roots with blues, funk and contempary soul music an thus explores new musical territories.
Following her to Abidjan to get back together with her mother and friends and then back to Brussels to prepare her tour, we discover this rythm woman who shapes her identity by affirming her passion and breaking many taboos. This is the destiny of an exceptional woman.

Bouton Trailer Trailer
Bouton DVD DVD

TV – 17 avril 2007 22:45 – La Une – RTBF


Director and editor Jean-Philippe Martin
Editor Frédéric Noirhomme
Sound editing & mixing Olivier Ronval
Sound Jean-Luc Fichefet, Olivier Philippart, Ludovic Van Pachterbeke, Vincent Noailles, Nestor Kouamé
Editing David Costenaro
Sound editing & mixing Studio Twins
Co-producer Isabelle Truc


Production: Iota Production
Coproduction: Crescendo Films Zig Zag World RTBF (télévision belge) TV5 Afrique Cityzen TV France




Festival Cinema Africano d’Asia e America Latina de Milan 2008
Festival des Cinémas Africains 2008 – Bruxelles
Festival « Regards sur le cinéma du Sud » 2007 – Rouen

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