USA, wealth on credit

a film by Laure Delesalle
Length 56'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr



From New York to Seattle, through the Great Lakes region (Chicago, Detroit, Flint). A road-movie in the world's most powerful and most indebted country. An investigation on the most phenomenal debt in History. They say it is abyssal: public debt, private debt, personal debt, commercial deficit. The USA live the same way their citizens do: on credit. The credit they undertake and the one given to them.

The economist are divided. Some foreshadow the explosion of a monetary bomb, loomin the announced fall of the dollar, a situation likely to become unbearable and to lead to a crash. Others, more optimistic, plan a slow decrease called the 'soft-landing', a soft recession that should reduce the debt level.

The duo USA-CHINA is at the heart of our story: China produces for the USA who are financing their growth by getting into debt with the Chinese. Japan, Europe, and the OPEC states are also financial backers of the american growth. Is it really normal?
What are the american citizens, increasingly poorer middle class, thinking about it?
The workforce of the american car industry in Flint and Detroit who saw their employment collapse?
Are we really on the verge of a global economic crisis?
America has two faces, but which will win? The optimistic one or the pessimistic one?


TV – 18 septembre 2007 20:40 – Arte France


Director Laure Delesalle


Production: Iota Production, Crescendo films
Coproduction: Arte France, Crescendo Films
Distribution: Arte France Distribution

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