Look for the woman

Based an original idea by by Julie Gavras, Olivier Marquezy and Mathieu Decarli
TV series - Animated film
In production
Length 30 x 03'
Format HD
Language FR



For a long time we thought that the Earth was flat, the Orient mysterious and that history was made by Big Men ... women being too busy doing pediatric surgeries and preparing stews. Except that nothing is definitively written, including in History.
So...LOOK FOR THE WOMAN ! ... and you will find, through the centuries, the trace of all those whose feats, works,
discoveries or inventions have been minimized, erased or even stolen by men.


Director Julie Gavras and Mathieu Decarli
Chief animator Marion Le Guillou
Sound editor Virginie MESSIAN


Produced by Zadig Productions, Les Films du Bilboquet and Iota Production

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