a tv series by Fred Muzzi & Hisham Insaan
in development
Length 8x52
Format HD
Language Fr
Subtitles Nl



“We have nothing to do with this story! This is the guy who assaulted us! Spread the word, don't turn on the TV! If you want to know more, Hashtag: Innocents! “
This is the first post in a long series on the web channel created by two fugitives following a mysterious altercation on a train. The main suspects, two kids who are different in everyday (pasts, origin, skin color), have after them the father of one and the female police officer who once arrested the other. In their run through the Belgium of Generation Y, these two teenagers will learn, while the adults hunt them down and betray each other, to know each other and find their identity between lies, dangers and redemption.

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