New Neighbors 2

a film by Safia Kessas
In production
Length 26'
Format HD
Language FR



Fiori, a 22-year-old Eritrean migrant, wants to settle in Belgium. Today, Fiori is pregnant. Her story shows the need to provide a women’s only safe place for these women who have lived through the worst atrocities. Because of the confinement, Fiori is separated from her companion who lives in a refugee center. What will be of Fiori’s future? How will she receive medical attention now that her child could be born at any moment and the Sisterhouse is closing its doors during the month of September. Where will they go once the Sisterhouse closed? And will the couple be reunited? Are love and the need for life possible when you are a migrant?


Director Safia Kessas
Chief operator Laszlo Bottiglieri
Sound engineer Lionel Halflants
Editor John Pirard


Produced by Iota Production

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