The tears of the Afghan Lord

a film by Pascale Bourgaux
Length 58'
Format Beta Digital
Language Afghan
Subtitles Fr, En



During ten years, I filmed Mamour Hasan, a Northern Afghan warlord, his family and his village. In 2001, Hasan used his personal army to serve the famous Commander Massoud in his battle against the Taliban. Now, ten years later, the village is about to fall completely in the hands of the Taliban.
A big part of the old soldiers aswell as some of Mamour Hasan's family and even his oldest son are refusing occidental presence and support the Taliban Regime.
How , in this stronghold of anti-taliban résistance, did we get to this ?

Bouton Trailer Trailer
Bouton DVD DVD

TV – 28 january 2013 22:45 – Canal+


Director Pascale Bourgaux
Editor Déborah Benarosch
Original Score Pierre Gillet


Production: Iota Production
Coproduction: RTBF, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Tax Shetler
Sales: Doc and Film International


FIPA, Biarritz 2012
Compétition “Grands reportages”

Festival des correspondants de guerre de Bayeux, 2011
Film de cloture

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