Rwanda, through us, Humanity

a film by Marie-France Collard
Length 105'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr, En



Echoing the play Rwanda 94 that the Groupov theater compay will perform in Rwanda 10 years after the genocide, Through us, Humanity allows people who escaped the genocide to speak up in their current context, this singular mourning period when the memory of the genocide is being seeked for and takes form in the traumatic reawakenings, evocations, exhumations and burials of victims in dignity, and through the fear and anxiety towards threats that still haunt them. They express their deep resentent regarding the international community that abandoned them and acted as a silent accomplice during the genocide - but also for the exclusion, discriminations and violence they still suffer.


Director Marie-France Collard
Director of photography Rémon Fromont
Sound Cosmas Antoniadis
Director’s assistant Jacques Rutabingwa
Editor Marie-Hélène Mora


Production: Iota Production, Groupov
Coproduction: la Communauté française de Belgique, le CBA, la RTBF

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