François Mauriac a committed journalist

a film by Gilbert Balavoine
Length 52'
Format Beta Digital, 16/9
Language Fr, En



Elected into the Académie Française in 1933, Prix Nobel in Literature in 1952, François Mauriac is one of the greatest French writers of the 20th century. There is, however, a whole side of his work that is less mentioned: his commitment to journalism...
Mauriac started a truly journalist's career with his big battles against fascism in Europe. He worked for, among others, Le Figaro, l'Express and Le Figaro littéraire. The Mauriac we mention here is not the famous and celebrated writer, but a man who chose for his pen and his popularity to serve causes often condemned within his environment, through journalism. Mauriac tried all forms of writing: news in brief, reports, interviews in genres as diverse as column, humor piece, letter, opinion piece and editorial! In 1953, still glowing in his Prix Nobel, Mauriac joined l'Express. In the paper of Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber and Françoise Giroud, he will perform his finest writing in journalism: the bloc-notes.


Director Gilbert Balavoine


Production: Zangra Production, Idem Production, Iota Production
Coproduction: France 3, Euskal TV, le CNC, région Aquitaine, La Direction du Livre, la RTBF

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