MA’OHI NUI, In the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies

a film by Annick Ghijzelings

International Competition
Taïwan International Documentary Film Festival 2018

Official Selection

Length 113'
Format HD
Language Fr, Ma'ohi
Subtitles En



Tahiti, French Polynesia. Between the runway of the International airport and a small dirt hill lies a district called the Flamboyant. Over there, one says "district" as not to say "shantytown." French colonial history and thirty years of nuclear tests have filled these districts with an alienated and tired people. Like the radioactivity that cannot be felt or seen, but persists for hundreds of thousands of years, the contamination of their minds has slowly but permanently settled. Today the Ma'ohi people are a subordinate people who have forgotten their language, ignored their history and have lost connection to their land and their relationship with the world. Yet within this neighbourhood of coloured sheds, something survives, something tenuous, hidden, almost invisible, which resists and persists.

By confronting the Ma'ohi spirit with its nuclear history and its fractured existence, the film shows the face of contemporary colonisation and the vital impetus of a people trying not to forget themselves and who, silently, are seeking the path of independence.

Bouton Trailer Trailer

Direction & writing Annick Ghijzelings
Naration Flora Devatine
Inspired from the writings of Flora Devatine, Chantal Spitz, Duro Raapoto
Music Herman Martin
DOP Caroline Guimbal & Annick Ghijzelings
Sound & mixing Jean-jacques Quinet – Studio cinq sur cinq
Editing Annick Ghijzelings
Sound editing Jean-jacques Quinet & Annick Ghijzelings
Calibration Milena Trivier (BRUITS ASBL)
Production Isabelle Truc (Iota Production)


produced by Iota production
In coproduction with le CBA (Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles) with the support of Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, de Média développement & de CASA KAFKA pictures (Tax shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge)


Berlinale 2018 – 02/18 GERMANY
Official Selection

BEFF Barents – 04/18 RUSSIA

Taïwan International Documentary Film Festival – 05/18 TAIWAN
International Competition

KFF KEAKOW Film Festival 2018 – 05/18 POLAND

WAIROA Film Festival 2018 – 06/18 NEW ZEALAND

Zones Portuaires Festival 2018 – 06/18 FRANCE

Festival de cinéma aborigène 2018 – 06/18 FRANCE

VFF Valetta Film Festival 2018 – 06/18 MALTA

PARNU International Film Festival 2018 – 06/18 ESTONIA

IFFA MACAO International Film Festival 2018 – 07/18 MACAO

SOLE LUNA Film Festival – 07/18 SICILIA

DOKUFEST – International Documentary and Short Film Festival – 08/18 KOSOVO

Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez – 08/18 FRANCE

FIFIG – Festival du film insulaire de l’ile de Groix – 08/18 FRANCE

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