Gluten, The Public Enemy

a film by Patrizia Marani
In post-production
Length 90' or 52'
Language FR, EN, DE
Subtitles FR, EN, DE



While addressing the contemporary explosion of gluten intolerance, this film tells the story of a fight led by some of the most powerful companies of the world against a free science and the health of us all. The survival of millions of small farmers is at stake. All around the world, they risk being chased out of their business. How can these things be linked?


Director Patrizia Marani
Chief operator François Chambe
Sound engineer Giovanni Buccomino
Editor Vincent Schmitt


Produced by Iota Production and Graffiti Doc
Coproduced by TAG Film (France) and Graffiti Doc (Italie), ARTE GEIE, RTBF

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