Brendan and the secret of Kells

un film de Tomm Moore
Animated film
Length 75'
Format 35 mm
Language En



Ireland in the 9th century... Brendan is a 12-yea- old orphan who lives in the abbey-fortress of Kells. This is where he meets old brother Aidan, master illuminator and keeper of a fabulous Book. It will change Brendan's life. As from that moment, Brendan is bewitched by the mermaids of Creation and soon becomes obsessed with the idea to become master illuminator himself and to finish the Book! But before achieving his goal, he has to stand up against the abbot of Kells (his uncle) and enter the forest where a thousand dangers are expecting him. Helped by a savage twelve-year-old boy named Aisling, Brendan faces his biggest fears, and even death. Bloodthirsty Vikings, a mythical god-snake and a real spirit of the forest are only a few of the encounters Brendan makes during his stunning journey towards imagination...


Abbot Cellach – Brendan Gleeson
Aidan – Mick Laly
Brendan – Evan McGuire
Aislin – Christen Mooney


Director Tomm Moore
Co-director Nora Twomey
Art Director Ross Stewart


Production: Cartoon Saloon, Les Armateurs, Vivi Films, Iota Production


Animated Feature Film Academy nominee
7 Mars 2010

Anies Award nominee
Los Angeles

2009 European Film Award Nominee
Category Best Animation

IFTA 2010
Best Animated film and nominated for the best film award

Public award

Berlinale Film Festival
Official selection

New York Children Film Festival
Official selection

Zagreb animation festival 2009
Mention spéciale

SICAF 2009
Grand prix

Festival 2d or not 2d 2009
Gold pencil and Roy E Disney Award

Annecy Festival 2009
Public award

Kecskemet Animation Festival
Public award and Comitee Award

Cartoon 2009
Best european director of the year

Cartoon 2009
Best european producers of the year: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland) / Les Armateurs (France) / Vivi Film (Belgium)

Directors Finders Series Award 2008

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