Women of Science

a film by Safia Kessas
In production
Length 6x15' - 70' & 52'
Language Fr, En, Dutch



Science is a male-dominated field, and this has been true right from school. Today, only 28% of all researchers in the world are women, and in Europe only 25% of STEM graduates are women.
They are researchers, mathematicians, tech wizards or engineers. These are the so-called "feminine" profiles that this documentary project aims to highlight from the four corners of Europe. The film will tell the story of how they got to where they are today. Did they overcome obstacles? Was it obvious? Did they fall for the magic potion of maths from childhood? Did their family play a role?
In short, how do you become a female figure in STEM today?
Against the backdrop of these success stories, this film will also look at how women who came before them have been erased from the history of scientific progress: why have women scientists often been forgotten, or even robbed of their discoveries? Does this historical erasure of women still resonate in the careers of today's women scientists? And how will these women in turn remain part of the history of science and the inventions that are changing our lives? This documentary will criss-cross Europe to discover the most emblematic and inspiring profiles and projects.




Safia Kessas – Belgique
Fabrizio Marini – Italie
Pia Grzesiak – Allemagne
Anna Lavelle – Royaume-Uni
Rolandas Maskoliunas – Lituanie
Yalda Walter – Autriche


Produced by Iota Production, RTBF and UBE

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