a film by Sonia Liza Kenterman
Full-length film
In production
Length 90'



Nikos, an excellent tailor, sees his life start to fall apart. His daughter has turned her back on him, his father is ill and needs money for treatment and their tailoring shop is on the brink of bankruptcy. He then has the idea of going to his customers, since his customers no longer come to him. He launches a mobile workshop which quickly becomes a success within the popular districts of Athens. He grows to become THE wedding dress specialist. Life finally seems to shine again when he learns that the family workshop will be seized. Moreover, his traveling workshop is destroyed by his neighbor’s jealous husband, his neighbour having been one of his own employees. It is by making his daughter’s wedding dress that he will find meaning in his life again.


Production: Argonauts Productions (Greece), Elemag Pictures (Germany), Iota Production (Belgium)
Coproduction: Greek Cinema Center, ERT, Belgium Cinema Center of FWB

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