Ghost of the depths

a film by Annick Ghijzelings
In development
Length 80'
Format HD



In Martinique, after four century of creolization who will have intermingled all the culture of the world, A completely new identity has been shaped, made up of multiple affiliations and created by adding together the assumed diversities: the identity-rhizome.
By drawing a portrait of creolization and letting itself be haunted by the ghosts of the depths, this film, which questions the repetition of barbarities, allows us to take another look at the concept of identity and to open the way to questioning : Isn't it in respect for the singularity of cultures and their interweaving that the future of the world lies?


Director Annick Ghijzelings
Chief operator Kris Burton
Sound engineer Felix Blume
Editor Annick Ghijzelings


Produced by Iota Production
Coproduced by TAG Film (France)

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