Growing old

a film by Géraldine Doignon
Full-length film



In 100 days, ALI will be 18 years old. She knows it, she counted. But, for now, she got fired
from her last home and is placed in a shabby hotel in Brussels, the last solution of the services
youth support for ‘unfit’ minors. To eat, Ali receives restaurant tickets
and, in a brasserie, meets STELLA, a 45-year-old waitress, single mother of 2 little girls, who
will help and take care of Ali since no one does anymore.
GROWING OLD is the story of an encounter between 2 precarious women, in struggle, that we
invisibilizes, devalues, excludes. It is the story of a rebirth and mutual recognition.


Director : Géraldine Doignon


Produced by Iota Production
With the support of the Cinema Center of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (help with writing).

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