In Safia’s name

A Safia Kessas film
In development
Length 60'
Format HD Colors
Sound 5.1
Language FR
Subtitles EN



An unfinished interview with my father Tayeb Kessas in February 2019 left questions hanging in the air. In our exchange, the shadow of another Safia, my aunt, appeared. The circumstances of her death during the Algerian War of Independence are unclear. From this fragment of family history that I carry on my identity card, I follow in the footsteps of this other Safia. From Antwerp, to Paris, from Saint-Auban to the Soummam valley in Algeria, this film brings Safia, a woman erased from history, back to life and sheds light on her destiny.


Director Safia Kessas


Produce by Iota Production

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