a film by Victor Ridley
Length 52'
Format HD
Sound 5.1
Language Dari, Paschto, French, English
Subtitles FR, EN



Every year, several thousand unaccompanied foreign minors arrive in Belgium. A majority of them come to seek asylum, like Sahil, a 15 years’ old Afghan boy. After a year of living from reception centre to another, Sahil joins a host family.
This new surrounding is the hope for a more stable life, while awaiting the verdict of the Foreigner’s Office.


Written by Victor Ridley et Pablo Munoz-Gomez
Directing Victor Ridley
Image Victor Ridley & Mathieu Storms
Sound Mathieu Pomes, Yann-Elie Gorans, Cécile Bodson & Victor Ridley
Editing Christophe Evrard


Production: Iota Production
With the support of Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la RTBF, BETV, Casa Kafka
With the développement support from WIP

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