Who killed Jessica ?

a film by Yulie Cohen
Animated film
In development
Length 100'
Language HEB / EN
Subtitles FR / EN



Why has Jessica hung herself in her little brothel room, where she had worked and lived for the past 16 years without any particular complaint? With Jessica’s tragic suicide will begin a popular struggle to get a warrant of distress for the 98’s building, Hayarkon Sr., that shelters of one of the oldest and most popular brothels in Tel-Aviv.
On the background of this process, we will get acquainted with Jessica’s life, which is going to be told, frame by frame, through the eyes of Oren, a young man haunted by his past as a “sex addict”, Laura, a prostitute and friend of Jessica’s, and Rita, an old prostitute that has become a social worker as well as an activist.

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