We are alive

a film by Carmen Castillo
Length 90'
Format HD



Daniel Bensaïd was a notorious participant in the events of 68. He died in January 2010. Since I arrived into exile, he had been a friend and a political partner. His death triggers a new questioning around this heavy and taxing concept that is engagement. In order to get in touch with the mystery of a man who never gave up in his quest to “change nowà the unfair order of things, I reach out to his partner Sophie. Meeting after meeting, we talk about some things that many others experience: losing someone close, the passing of time... The urging necessity to go back to Chili becomes clear to me. These meetings are the keystone of a story that recounts our personal developments. Through the character of Daniel, it builds an irreverent opinion on politics and develops a secret geography of the conflicts in France, Bolivia, Brazil, from 1994 until today. We travel in space and time along with Daniel through his pictures and writings, and with these anonymous people fighting here or elsewhere. We travel with our beliefs and our distress, looking for an answer to this question: When some decide to give up, what makes others keep on fighting?

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Production: Les films d’ici, Iota Production
Coproduction: Les films d’Ici, le CNC, la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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