The Harvest of hunger

a film by Marie-France Collard
Length 60'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr, Es
Subtitles Fr, En



Within the time of a harvest, between President Putin's announcement that the exportations of wheat must stop because of the drought in Russia, the related rise in prices and the first hunger riots in Mozambique, the film tries to understand what is happening for our country's farmers, now subject to open market laws, while also having to cope with climate change...
In contrast, thanks to Jean Ziegler whose always vibrant and incurred interventions punctuate the film, the situation in Bolivia suggests a different politic, where food sovereignty is among the objectives of Evo Morales's government, breaking with the cannibal order of the world...

Bouton Trailer Trailer
Bouton DVD DVD

TV – 26 january 2011 22:45 – La Deux – Quai des belges


Director and screenplay Marie-France Collard
Editor Remon Fromont, Ronnie Ramirez, Ella Ven Den Hove
Sound Cosmas Antoniadis, Damien Defays
Sound editing Jena-Jacques Quinet
Music Christian Martin – Team for Action


Production: Iota Production, Perspective Films
Coproduction: RTBF, Casa Kafka Pictures, Enersol, Carlier Bois, Perspective Films, La Communauté française de Belgique, Media Development.
Ventes: Doc and Film international

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