The conquerors

a film by Xabi Molia
Full-length film
Length 96'
Format DCP
Language Fr
Subtitles En



Galaad and Noé meet up at their father's funeral. They are half-brothers and have not much in common besides a bunch of personal failures. They are convinced that they are cursed since the day their father stole a sacred relic. Galaad convinces Noé to do something about it. They become adventurers and set out on a search for the stolen relic and for the good fortune that has been avoiding them.

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Galaad Denis Podalydès (Fr)
Noé Mathieu Demy (Fr)
The father Jean-Claude Drouot (Fr)


Director Xabi Molia (Fr)
Chef opérateur Martin de Chabaneix (Fr)
Sound Benjamin Rosier, Boris Chapelle, Luc Thomas, Sébastien Sarraillé
Editing Benjamin Rosier


Production: Moteur s’il vous plait
Coproduction: Moteur s’il vous plait (France), CNC, Region Aquitaine, Région Midi pyréenées, Canal +, Ciné cinéma, Pyramide, Wallimage.

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