Mokoomba, from one shore to another

a film by François Ducat & Frank Dalmat
Length 52'
Format Beta Digital
Language Fr, En, Ndebele
Subtitles Fr, En



Mokoomba, from one shore to another is the story of a band of six musicians from Zimbabwe who win a 3-month tour in Europe during the “Music Crossroads 2008à festival. Behind this victory offering financial perspectives they and their community never could have dreamt of, a surprise is to put them to a severe test.
Mokoomba's journey deals with the relation between culture and sustainable development in Africa. Could this relation be an economic lever in the South countries without a form of reciprocity with the North countries?

Bouton Trailer Trailer
Bouton DVD DVD

TV – 14 january 2011 21:05 – La Trois


Director and screenplay François Ducat et Frank Dalmat
Editor Bernard Verstraete et Sébastien Tran
Sound Mathieu Bedaride
Editing Sandrine Deegen
Sound editing Anne Frey
Mixing Damien Defays
Music Mokoomba


Production: Iota Production, Perspective Films
Coproduction: RTBF, Casa Kafka Pictures, Enersol, Lampiris, Perspective Films, La Communauté française de Belgique, Media Development, DGCD, Direction Générale du développement et relation avec les Etats d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique
Ventes: Doc and Film international

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