a film by Marie Mandy
In development
Length 80'
Format HD
Language Fr
Subtitles FR/NL/EN



"Stress is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured. Stress is a necessary reaction of the body, a reaction that allows us to survive. So if you take the stress out of your life, you are dead”
Sonia Lupien, neuroscientist

“The cavemen were mostly stressed by their outside environment. Faced with danger, they had to choose fight or flight. More "evolved", we have taken the bad habit of stressing ourselves with our mental images: we "make films".
Dr Jacques Fradin

They are six in a clear room. This is a seminar on stress. A coach deciphers their doubts and crises; she tames their states of mind and choreographs their progress towards serenity. Through them, we will discover the secret world of stress, its impregnation on everyone's life. Its repercussions on the entire city.

A hybrid film, which mixes documentary and fiction for a journey to the confines of our psyche and our brain.


Produced by Iota production and Miss Luna Films

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