Lucie, Day by Day

a film by Elisabet Llado
Full-length film
In financing
Length 90'



Valentin and Lucie are both in their thirties. They are in love, joyful, and happy. Everything becomes complicated the day Valentin asks Lucie to move in with him. But, Lucie never told him that she already lives with someone else in her own home. She lives with an angel, her angel, and nobody knows. Lucie will have to choose either one or the other. The outcome will be tragic, but Lucie will have changed the life of everyone who's met her, in their "day by day".


Director: Elisabet Llado
Authors: Elisabet Llado, Béatrice Colombier


Produced by Iota Production,Tipimages (CH) and Deal Productions (LU)
Coproduced with l’aide à l’écriture du Centre du Cinéma de la FWB

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