From your friends, with love

a film by Alexis Van Stratum
Short film
Length 20'
Format 35mm, Beta Digital
Language Fr



Five girl friends in their fifties meet up to discuss a trip they are going to take together. Today, they must decide wheter to go to Kenya or to a spa, but one of them, Odette, is running late. They wait and wait. The tension between them rises and the conversations become the chance to settle scores. They reveal their true colours and will end up throwing the dainty cakes that they are supposed to be eating at each others' faces.

Bouton Trailer Trailer

Annette – Nicole Colchat
Jeannine – Stéphane Auberghem
Marie Paule – Hélène Arié
Suzanne – Pascale Binnert
Lucie – Anne Carpriau


Director and screenplay Alexis van Stratum
Music Frédéric Hahn
Screenplay Sonia Bekhor
Editing Julien Chigot, Susana Rossberg
Sound Aline Huber


Production: Iota Production, La Luna Production
Coproduction: CNC Conseil Régional de Franche Comté PROCIREP ADAMI


Détours en Cinécourt, Paris – France
Festival CinéMA 35, Paris – France
Rencontre du court, Montpellier – France
Le court en dit long, Paris – France
Festival de Cinéma “Du Grain à Démoudre”, Gonfreville l’Orcher – France

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