a film by Safia Kessas
In Development
Length 42'
Format HD
Language Fr
Subtitles FR/EN



The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector is a realm of testosterone, right from school. Globally, 39% of women study STEM. In Europe, 25% are graduates. Yet girls have the same cognitive abilities as boys. A socio-professional reality that discriminates on the basis of gender. This under-representation of women in these professions classified as shortage by Forem, constitutes a real societal and economic problem.
Why are science, technology and engineering seen as a "manly" thing? While numerous studies (internationally and nationally) on the subject have shown that women in this sector suffer from gender discrimination, this documentary, beyond the figures and scientific studies, is intended to be human. Through portraits and crossed life paths, 4 women share their experience in this “guy sector”.
The goals of this documentary: to support the confidence of girls and women in their capacities to work in STEM in FWB, to value and make visible the achievements of women in the sector and finally, to enrich the representations of these professions, far from being as the collective imagination would like… typically masculine.


Produced by Iota Production

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