written by Thomas van Zuylen and Safia Kessas
TV series
In development
Length 6x52'



After 15 years of living together, the couple of Sandra (42) and Abel (43) gets torn apart.
Sandra has an affair with another man, Luke (38), less tormented than Abel, who is subject to irrepressible outbursts of anger.
After a last attempt at living together, the resentment linked to Sandra's betrayal undermines what remains of their relationship.
The separation is violent, both parts claiming their only daughter Alice’s (12) custody.
For the Jacobs, Sandra's parents, any means is possible for Alice to live with her mother as she rebuilds a home with Luc, while Alice holds Luc responsible for her parents' separation.
On Abel's side, the Shaker family believes that Alice belongs to their clan, since she bears their name. The child of one of their own is the child of all and the choices related to his or her education are decided collectively. Sandra is perceived by them as a promiscuous mother, unworthy of raising her daughter.
The war is declared between the two sides.

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