Border Games

a film by Elene Mikaberidze
Full-length film
In development
Length 100'
Language FR
Subtitles EN



Tbali, a village located in a mountainous and peaceful region, is in a fuss. Indeed, Lili is about to get married to Kote. But one week before their wedding, the presidents of the region gather together, and friendly talks evolve into a dispute while talking about territories. They decide to gamble their borders in a card game. The rules are simple: the winning president will add part of the loser's’ territory to his own. As they play, the map of the region is changing in a totally absurd way. An old man with a bucket full of yellow paint looks on the map and starts to draw on the ground, letting borders appearing from nowhere. This yellow line will separate Kote and Lili from each other. Indeed, borders keep appearing leaving the priest without his church, the winemaker without his vineyard, the shepherd without his flock. At the inn, where everybody meets, no one seems to have any solution, except Lili!
With the help of the priest, the winemaker, and the shepherd, Lili will make everything possible to bring back to Tbali its normal life!


Directed by Elene Mikaberidze
Authors Elene Mikaberidze, François Verjans


Produced by Iota Production
In coproduction with Border Games

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